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Review of The Crucible by Mariana Teixeira Custodio from Brazil

Hello! I'm sorry it took so long. My night was crazy. I live in Newcastle and I was supposed to go back at the 23:30 bus. But... The play ended at 23:19... So I had to crash in the hotel room of a very lovely woman I met at the play. So yes... Let's move on.

 I got at the theatre at around 5:15 PM. A little early I know, but I was too excited to do something else. Waiting for the play to start I met this German girl who actually came all the way from Germany to see the play. And we talked a lot, bought the posters and the Programme (they had the 3 posters). And we also met another girl who came from Norwhich. The three of us were in the stalls and the girls were in the second row opposed to me and I was at the very first row. Right next to me there was another RA fan who came all the way from the US. A round circule is a sort of stage that is very small and the actors are very close to the audience.

This experience is very nice because it's very intimate. It's like you are a fly in the play watching everything. The lights fade and a dark music starts to play. The actors come in and then stay for around 30 seconds, then leave. The first scene is just Tituba dancing and the next one beggins with the actors bringing in the furnitures in a sort of coordinated dance. This scenario lasts for about 1hour and it's very simple, with a bed and a table witha a chair. This is when Lucy is taken ill and there is the talk about witches and the revelation of the girls dancing. And around 15-20 minutes later Richard comes up to have his first scene, with the girl who plays Abigail Williams.

 His scene was intense, full of violence and heated discussions and Abigail trying to seduce and kiss John.This play is very violent... The actors really push the others and attack and try to kill and fight like it's the real deal.Richard was very focused at all times and it was an interesting perspective of him, because I noticed him acting with the muscles of his back at some point. He was very commited and gave everything. You could feel the emotions. The screamings, the crying, pushing and attacking the other characters. Don't get me wrong, the other members of the cast were amazing as well, except maybe for danforth. But we'll get there.The scene with Abigai you could see that there was this chemistry, a sexual tension that she tries to create and he tries to escape at all costs, even by attacking here.

Next, in the very same scenario we are introduced to Mr Hale and they interact very well.The thing with the round circle is that they move all around and the audience gets very different visiona of the scenes. Sometimes RA was turning back, and sometimes he was right next to me talking about purple lilacs (♥)

 We are also introduced to Gilles and he's very funny. They maintained the original lines, or at least most of them.The next scenario is between proctor and his wife. This is also the scenario where he gets shirtless. At first there is Elizabeth setting everything up and then she leaves and john comes in. John tastes a bit of the food, add a little salt and decides to "freshen up". He takes of his shirt (right in front of me!!!!) and then washes his face and his body (which lookes great btw, something like Lucas North season 7).

Then his wifes comes in and he is sort of surprised and gets dressed slowly, she was very cold towards him and he seems to seek out her attention. They have a very heated discussion but it's not like with Abigail. Abigail is so alive and Elizabeth is so plain, kinda dull. And you can see in a way why john cheats on her. But you can also see his is in love with her, he wants her, but his very carefull towards her. He wants to please her, so hard. And one could see that in RA. He cries and it's not so faked. By then end of the scene we see RA really crying like it was his own wife taken to prison.Next there is Mary Warren confession and danforth. The guy who played danforth had only one problem in my opnion.

He sort of interacted with the audience in a way as if we were juris. And the other ones didn't. And I didn't wanted to be a part of it in that way you see.At this point I am not gonna say anthing else because I don't know who read and who wants to know how it ends. I'm just gonna mention there was a lot of violence and shouting. Oh, the kiss between john and Elizabeth is so hot and romantic at the same time and it seems like there were the only two of them right there. The show ends. Stading ovation. The cast leaves. People are still claping. The cast returns and everyone is claping. Ra gets there last and the cast leaves but RA stays for a few seconds more. The audience goes wild claps even harder whilst everyone makes approval noises. RA blushes and leaves the center stage a bit emotional about it. And then i came back to reality to make a run for the stage door where eventually RA came out.He was tired. Exausted maybe but he was very sweet. There was this huge line and he was taking pictures and signing stuff, receving gifts. Talking and laughing with his RArmy.

 Mariana Teixeira Custodio (
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