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Transcription : Richard Armitage Interview by Beto Marden to Domingo Legal – SBT ©

Beto went to Comic Con Experience on Dec 7th the same day as Richard for the Q&A and the Premiere of The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies.

The Interview was on Dec 6th at Hotel Unique 

Transcription of the interview: 

Beto:  How did you find your own dwarf among the thirteen dwarves, how do you feel being a dwarf, because you are tall?
Richard : Being a dwarf is something much bigger than we think, we become much bigger versions of what we are and then we get small in the computer, but we don’t look like children, but warriors. this is very interesting and in anytime I tried to think that i was small

Beto:  About Thorin what do you think is your characteristic that you try to pass trough your performance ?
Richard: I think the balance between stubbornness and be stubborn and against the point by a sense of honor and loyalty, these characteristics give balance to the character and you see these characteristics when it comes to the battlefield.
It is a war and he needs it.

Beto:  What about Thorin in the last film, he has some new element in his personality and in his behavior?
Richard:  The new element that Thorin deals at the beginning of the film is the disease of Gold and is something he always feared and when it begins to be affected, he has no idea and didn’t know he is sick and he loses his sense of himself. And its said many times in the film that you can’t see what you've become. It is a tragic fall, but in the end he is rescued on the battlefield.

Beto : Why do you think this  inspiring story deserves to be told in this cool way, with the direction of Peter Jackson in cinemas?
Richard: I think multicultural experiences as war in world history, people have that feeling that they will go home, and what it means when you lose that home. but what we all want is to go in an adventure and then it's a choice we did through the front door and go to this adventure. and follow the Bilbo Baggins or stayed at home safe and sound

Beto: What was the hardest scene to record?
Richard: The final battle between Thorin and Azog, was the hardest I've ever worked
 in my life

Beto: having done this work, which is the greatest lesson you can take from this experience?
Richard: I think it's continue to keep my body and mind in shape which is very exhausting it is like running a marathon

Beto: of course you know that we has millions of fans here in Brazil and what you can say what they can expect from this film trilogy of The Hobbit, the last film of The Hobbit
Richard: The film was renamed as "The Battle of Five Armies" and the reason for this is that Peter Jackson has created an epic war movie. It's one of the most exciting battles that you will see on the screen, and if you have the chance to see in IMAX or 3D with digital sound, will be one of the most animated adventures you see this year. 

Credits: Richard Armitage Brazil 
Interview:  Domingo Legal – SBT  © 2014

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